v.s., 2009
Pencil on paper, contact microphones
Performance for amplified score and solo voice

VS Wiltons Music Hall 2009
Juxtaposition, Wilton's Music Hall, London, 2009

v.s. is an abbreviation used in musical scores. v.s., or ‘volti subito’, means ‘turn quickly’ and is written to prepare the performer for the impending page-turn. In my v.s. 'volti subito' is the only text in the score and the performer is asked to improvise around its amassing letters and phonements as the words gradually appear. Furthermore, the score itself is an instrument and the performer must sing in duet with the book as it sounds. Microphones embedded within the score amplify these normally inaudible sounds as the performer interacts with the score-object and the textual instructions on its surface.

v.s. was first performed by me at Juxtaposition, Wilton’s Music Hall, London, July 2009 and has since been performed by Lore Lixenberg, October 2009 and Linda Hirst at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, May 2010.

performances, prints-drawings-books