Turn, 2010
Edited by Sam Belinfante and Elisabeth S. Clark
Edition of 50, 210 x 138mm, digitally printed in full colour

Recto/ Verso
Sam Belinfante and Elisabeth S. Clark

The page is on the verge of becoming it lies on the threshold of the turn, in constant anticipation of its inevitable flip. This turn is not choreographed but improvised, its pace is constantly changing.

Each side is an itinerant on a journey; the reader traverses the book's paper architecture as images distort and come in and out of focus. Meanings are activated by the book's arching pages and the flicking of its sheets.

For a fleeting moment this image sits – only to be disturbed by a further turn.

Each page is fixed (bound in fact) to a specific order; pieces are set within a predetermined narrative. These fundamental aspects of reading, however, are so often overlooked. We want to turn over a new leaf.

Each artist in this edition has been given two sides of a single page and a single proposition; to explore the page-turn and to somehow foreground it. ‘Turn’ becomes a printed meditation on the aesthetics of the turning page.

Voliti subito.

Simon Morris
Kathryn Faulkner

Artists‘ book edited by Sam Belinfante and Elisabeth S. Clark. Featuring Alexandra Hughes, Jayne Wilton, Estelle Thompson, John McDowall, Simon Morris, Klaas Hoek, Line Ellegaard, Kathryn Faulkner, Neil Luck, Gary Woodley, Joe Mawson. Limited edition of 50 numbered copies.

Paperback with flaps, thread binding, 140 x 220mm
28p. (1 folded), illustrations in colour 

Tate Library Collection.

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