The Reversing Machine, 2012-14
Self-reversing gearbox mechanism, mixed media and electronics

Work in progress
Art Laboratory, Berlin, March 2012
The Tetley, Leeds, 2014

The Reversing Machine is a collaboration with artist Simon Lewandowski. At it's core is the machine itself; a self-reversing mechanical power source.* Any object attached will turn at a steady rate for a set time, then stop and be set into reverse – a mechanical palindrome.

Commissioned by Art Laboratory Berlin in 2012, the machine has since expanded into an ongoing project. For our exhibition at The Tetley in 2014, we reconstructed the work, incorporating fresh elements in response to the new venue. We also developed individual works which reflect on their collaboration and on the concerns that generated The Reversing Machine. These included Accordion a new two-part film by Belinfante shot on 16mm film and SETTER a palindromic multiple by Lewandowski.

A repertoire of satellite devices driven by The Reversing Machine act out and reflect ways in which we are able to perceive the flow and passage of time through the action of things and forces in the world. Devices choreographed by the machine include adapted record players, household light fittings, slide projectors and a variety of sculptural automata. Central to the Leeds installation was a pair of turntables driven by the machine which played a repertoire of specially composed vinyl records - The Palindrone Jukebox.

Artists that have produced compositions for The Palindrone Jukebox include: Ed Atkins / Sam Belinfante / Alice Bradshaw / Adam de la Cour / Manya Doñaque / Golau Glau / Kirsty Harris / Doug Haywood / Lou Hazelwood / Martin Iddon and Antti Sakari Saario, writing as [zygote] / Andy Ingamells / Simon Lewandowski / Kevin Logan / Joanna Loveday / Leah Lovett / Neil Luck / Jessica Rowland / Oliver Thurley / Nathan Walker and Tom Walker / Sam Warren

*The Reversing Machine mechanism was designed and built by Alistair Metcalf at Effects Too and supported by The Elephant Trust, Arts Council England and University of Leeds.