Penumbra, 2010
Performance for any instrument and video camera

Conall Gleeson at ICA, May 2010
Photos: Biggie Stiller
Adrian Bradbury, Process New Music Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010
Lina Lapelyte, Milton Keynes Gallery, May 2010
Photos: Milton Keynes Gallery

Penumbra is a work for any instrument and video camera. ‘Penumbra’ (from Latin paene ‘almost’ and ‘shade’) is the indistinct outer-region of a shadow. For my Penumbra the musician is asked to take an improvised journey across his or her instrument, in search of a clearly voiced pitch. Slowly exploring the instrument, the performer moves gradually towards this whole note - during which an array of sounds, both intentional and accidental, are emitted. Running alongside this aural expedition is an optical one; the performer's movements  are paralleled by that of the camera. As sounds emerge, so do images, as the camera's lens scans the surface of the instrument; pulling in and out of focus in duet with the musician.

Penumbra has been performed in a variety of contexts including Scratch Nights at Milton Keynes Gallery, with Anna Durance and Line Lapelyte; Process New Music Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania with Ruta Vitkauskaite and Kings Place, London with Arco Collective.