Overture, 2015
Laser etching onto vinyl record

Postcript, Camden Arts Centre, 2016
Photo: Hydar Dewachi
Photos: Stanley Quaia
The Curves of the Needle, installation view, Baltic, 2015
Photo: Colin Davison

In 1829 Felix Mendelssohn travelled to Fingal’s Cave in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Echoing the chamber‘s extraordinary reverberations Mendelssohn was inspired to write the enduringly popular Hebrides overture.

In 2013 I too journeyed to the mouth of this remarkable cavern embarking on a series of responding videos and photographs. As the daylight shifted the ‘boundary’ of this cave was in constant flux, a process I paralleled in the camera by systematically changing the exposure as I shot. For this work I used a process of laser etching to carve the visual image of Fingal’s Cave onto the surface of a vinyl copy of Mendelssohn’s corresponding overture. On the reverse of this record I engraved an inverted version of the same image to further play with ideas of protrusion and concavity, of opening and closing.