The Orrery, 2019
London Contemporary Music Festival, 7 December 2019

orrery 4985
Photos: David Laskowski
orrery YK 0469
Photos: Yiannis Katsaris

The Orrery was Musarc’s tenth-anniversary event, and the launch event for LCMF 2019, featuring works by Fritz Hauser, Joseph Kohlmaier, Lina Lapelytė, György Ligeti, Francis Poulenc and Jennifer Walshe. Curated by me in collaboration with the artists, members of the ensemble, the choir’s director of music Cathy Heller Jones and artistic director Joseph Kohlmaier, The Orrery entwined the performers and audience in a whirring apparatus, testing the choreographic and cartographic possibilities of the choral machine.

London Contemporary Music Festival