On the Circulation of Blood, 2021
Mixed media installation and performance, Folkestone Triennial

Work in progress, Quarterhouse, Folkestone
William Harvey Memorial Statue
Rehearsals at St Peter's School, May 2021

On the Circulation of Blood is an itinerant, multimedia installation and performance work as part of ‘The Plot’, the fifth edition of Creative Folkestone Triennial. Initially unfolding at The Old Drying Grounds, adjacent to St Peter’s School, the work will then move to Market Place in central Folkestone before making its final journey to the Lower Leas Amphitheatre.

At the heart of the project is a series of monumental, outdoor installations constructed from specially adapted theatrical apparatuses and bespoke fabric netting. As the work circulates, these structures will become the sites for nine public performances, amassing an ensemble of professional and amateur musicians. Underpinning the work is a series of six newly commissioned pieces by Sarah Dacey, Neil Luck, Elaine Mitchener, Ben Oliver, Bernhard Schimpelsberger and Josephine Stephenson. During each day of the Triennial, you can experience fragments of this music as part of the installation and at sunset the sounds will be replaced by visual pulsation in the form of glowing theatrical orbs.

The work is in part inspired by the local community of St Peter’s School who were said to have repaired and dried nets for the fisherman outside the school gates. The project also directly references Folkestone born William Harvey – ‘discoverer of the circulation of blood’, whose statue is in the centre of the Leas, Folkestone’s clifftop promenade.


22 July – 13 August 2021, The Old Drying Grounds, The Durlocks
14 August – 15 October, Market Place, off Rendezvous Street.
16 October – 2 November, Amphitheatre, Lower Leas.


Performances will begin with a short procession (less than 500m) before culminating at the main site. Volunteers will be on hand to guide you to and from the performance sites, some audience members may wish to skip the procession and be in position for the main performance approximately 15 minutes after the advertised time. After sunset the performances will be illuminated and accompanied by a choreographed lighting display.

Wednesday 21 July: 3pm, 5pm, 9pm*
Processing from The Stade, Folkestone Harbour.
Performance at The Old Drying Grounds, The Durlocks.

Saturday 14 August: 3pm, 5pm, 8.30pm*
Processing from The Urban Room.
Performance at Market Place, off Rendezvous Street.

Saturday 16 October: 3pm, 6pm*, 8pm*
Processing from William Harvey Memorial Statue, The Leas.
Performance at Amphitheatre, Lower Leas.

*Performances after sunset with lighting display

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