On Falling Short, 2024

On Falling Short at Nervous Systems, ICA London, April 2024. Documentation by Kristina Pringle

Taking the broken beats of the ellipsis as starting points, On Falling Short is a musical exploration of falling, failing and flailing—embracing processes of collapse and letting things go.

Prepared and articulated by chance operations, these movements draw on historical artworks and models while creatively embracing my own productive shortcomings.

On Falling Short premiered at Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA London), as part of Nervous Systems, curated by Susanna Davies-Crook. The event featured unprepared contributions by the experimental choir Musarc and cellist David Lale.

Copy of C0027T01
Photo courtesy ICA London, April 2024
Musarc Winter Konsert - Thierry Bal-13
Photo: Thierry Bal for Musarc