Mural, 2014
HD video, four-channel, colour, surround sound
In collaboration James Weeks

Photos: Ludo de Cognets

Mural is a multimedia investigation of the places we occupy in the world: both our domestic and intimate surroundings as well as the vast untamed spaces that extend beyond our immediate walls. The work was a collaboration with the composer James Weeks and the vocal ensemble EXAUDI.

The wall is the central image of the work — mapping, dividing or encircling a terrain — and its constituent bricks; individual pieces amassing to create a larger enclosing structure.

On entering Mural the audience is confronted with a fragmented video wall portraying ideas of boundary, interiority and exteriority, alongside the sounds of eight singing voices, surrounding the audience in sound and image. The music articulates a range of quotations ranging from essays of John Cage and poetry of Fernando Pessoa to critiques of the art of Vermeer.

Commissioned and installed as part of Spitalfields Music Summer Festival: 5-10 June with a live performance on Sunday 8 June 2014 at Limehouse Wharf. 

objects-and-installations, films