They Are Waiting for You, 2018
Performance in collaboration with Laure Prouvost and Pierre Droulers

Work in progress, Walker Arts Centre 2017
Photos: Mic Bello for EMPAC

In this performance, theatrical and cinematic technologies – projection, light, and haze – interact with performers, musicians, objects, and the audience in a surreal and perceptually disorientating theatrical production. Everyday items are used to investigate language itself, its origins and its distance from the world. Words, bodies, and images gain and lose meaning throughout the performance as language breaks down. In the piece's conclusion, that loss of language reveals a new space for sensory perception. 

Co-commissioned by EMPAC and the Walker Art Center, They Are Waiting For You was a collaboration with artist Laure Prouvost as well as renowned French/Belgian choreographer Pierre Droulers. They Are Waiting for You was performed in collaboration with percussionist Eli Keszler and the Artemis Ensemble (Tara Loeper, Lizz Windnagel, Alia Jeraj, Bethany Battafarano).

Walker Art Centre, 10-11 February 2018
EMPAC at Rensselaer Polytechnic, 16 February 2018